Welcome one and all. To those of you who were birthed on Earth; as well as those who come from the vast beyond.

Fueled by Purple Records is the story-centric music label with a single driving mission; to Bring Forth the Purple Reign,
the coming age of aural bliss.

Our artist’s music emanates from our huge antennae array, located atop the Fueled by Purple headquarters, located on the dark side of the moon; and will soon reach the ears of every living being.

The Purple Reign is an age in which our talented artists collectively touch the inner spirit of humankind, and otherkind; the Universal Collective of which you are now a part. All shall witness the coming age of aural bliss.

We are ecstatic beyond all repair that you are willing to become a human agent in helping us accomplish this most noble goal.

Click the arrow below to join the Fueled by Purple Records Private Intergalactic Task Force; and gain access to exclusive materials, opportunities and directives that are for agent’s eyes only.
As a member of the FBPR-PITF you will now have a purpose to fulfill and a life to be proud of.

But do know that there are damaged souls who oppose us. Individuals who do not wish for our musical transmissions to go  forth……




They have, on more than one occasion, attempted to destroy our antenna array. And we know that they will try again.

They are hell-bent on preventing you and everyone else from hearing the sounds that only Fueled by Purple Records can produce.

But they cannot and will not stop us. And as sure as the lightning bolt on Baby Girl’s collar; we will not let them divide us. Division is destruction.

Our recording artists are the chosen ones from the vast beyond who will bring in the new and glorious reign that lies before us all.
They have friends to wake up, demons to confront, and a future of cosmic dancing ahead of them.

They are most worthy and capable. But the truth is they cannot succeed without the effort of the many; or without you.

So join them now by clicking the arrow above and becoming an official member of the Fueled by Purple Records Private Intergalactic Task Force.
It is currently FREE to join. And when you do, you will be recognized as a Founding Agent, and will be a free member for life.


Welcome aboard Agent.
Onward and upward to the glorious Purple Reign,

Nathanial D. King A.K.A. The Producer known as Vertigo
Record Executive
Senior Executive Officer at Fueled by Purple Records / Publishing and Talent Management