A New Record Label is Born!

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In 2021, a new record label was born!
Fueled by Purple Records is the story-centric music label, with a single mission: Bring Forth the Purple Reign.
The Fueled by Purple Record’s logo was designed in a collaboration between recording artist Aria Chablis King A.K.A. “Baby Girl” and Fueled by Purple Records’ Founder and Senior Executive Officer, Nathanial D. King, A.K.A. “The Producer known as Vertigo”.
The self portrait was hand drawn by Aria Chablis King.
The purple record itself is a reminder that someday Fueled by Purple Records and Aria Chablis King intend on releasing purple colored vinyl LP’s for her double offerings of goth romantic instrumental albums, Fueled by Purple Chapter 1 – Not Too Young to Find Myself and Fueled by Purple Chapter 2 – Code: Wonderland.
As a story-centric music label, Fueled by Purple Records will issue comic book styled materials with each project release.
Fueled by Purple Records has one driving mission and that is to “Bring Forth the Purple Reign!”; the coming age of aural bliss.
Join the free fan club at: FueledbyPurpleRecords/Join-Us.com

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