Bring Forth the Purple Reign

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“Bring Forth the Purple Reign”
Earth suffered.
Chaos ruled the day under what many believed to be an orchestrated global collapse.
Hope was a dying currency.
There were those however who knew that a strong Earth was a strong solar system, a strong galaxy, a strong universe.
Earth had faltered amidst a thriving expanding Universe; but it had not gone unnoticed.
Headquartered on the dark side of the moon, Fueled by Purple Records provided a unique perch for it’s Senior Executive Officer, The Producer known as Vertigo, to bear witness to Earth’s frightening and rapid decline.
Vertigo stood in unity with an Intergalactic Coalition Council which gathered frequently to discuss ways in which to intervene.
The Intergalactic Coalition Counsel understood what the inhabitants of earth had failed to see. Disorder ripples out into the vast beyond. And in space, the small ripples grow into mighty waves. It had to come to an end. Either peacefully or with great force.
After much debate, it was decided that Fueled by Purple Records would send Intergalactic Agents to earth to co-exist and blend in with it’s human inhabitants and execute a carefully devised plan. Vertigo combed through the musicians on his label’s roster. He had much to consider. Who was best suited for the mission? Who could travel to Earth the fastest? Who was worthy? Who looked the most human?
A short list was created, communications and negotiations were conducted and travel arrangements were made.
The first wave of musicians were then sent unceremoniously to Earth to conduct the difficult mission that lie ahead of them. They would bring with them music and a single driving mission; to Bring Forth the Purple Reign; the coming age of aural bliss.
Unfortunately, they were not welcomed by all. Powerful interests and their allies had other plans for the struggling planet. One that benefited their own desires; with seemingly no regard for others.
Apollyon Industries is one such interest suspected by many to be a leading organization responsible for masterminding Earth’s turmoil.
Is their latest slogan, “Division is Destruction” a warning against mankind’s divisive and destructive behaviors, or a mandate?
Time would tell.
The great wisdom of the Intergalactic Coalition Council also had them recognize that for there to be ultimate success for the mission, a recruitment effort for human Agents must also be conducted.
The musicians had no chance of succeeding on their own.
In some ways, it has always been.
Whether the story of creation, the spinning of the earth, flipping a switch of a light bulb, the opening of eyes…………
Darkness always comes before the light.
Here is your opportunity to become a Fueled by Purple Records Private Intergalactic Task Force Agent by freely joining us and gaining access to exclusive materials and communications.
Welcome aboard!

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