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Fueled by Purple – Chapter 1; Not Too Young to Find Myself
To fulfill the ancient and wise proverb, you must be willing to take a first step. Then another, and another.
You must be willing to overcome fear and comfort.
Carl Sagan once mused that “…the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star stuff,”
And it is true that we are born of the elements that surround us, including that which emanates from the very stars themselves. There is more. More than stars, man is also made of imagination.
An ever expanding universe that exists within the mind. A landscape of firing synapses and lightning fast signals screaming for our attention. At times, it is what allows us to create reason and balance. But it is also known to be full of surprises.
Abstract entities within will call out and demand of us a hero’s journey. Do we take it, or do we ignore it? To our reward or to our peril, we cannot know until we respond. We can only hope our ultimate decision of action or indifference is profitable for the the spirit, the body and the soul.
A new journey, especially one in which the goal is self discovery, can feel like a roaring carnival.
Disorienting, over stimulating, confusing and somewhat dizzying. The trick is to enjoy the ride and embrace the controlled chaos.
And never forget that it is most likely the journey that will be your nagging memory. Not the destination.
The destination is often a return to home base. A destination of stagnation.
If that is where you find yourself now, then wake up, get up and begin again.
Dust off old intentions and tackle them anew. Defeat your dragons while you still can.
You are never too young to find yourself. But you are also never to old to lose yourself.
You have permission.
You may begin.
Enjoy Aria Chablis King’s debut album: Fueled by Purple – Chapter 1; Not Too Young to Find Myself
Found on your favorite music platforms across the Universe.
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