Aria Chablis King – Fueled by Purple Chapter 1 – Not Too Young to Find Myself CD

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The haunting sounds of Goth Romantic pianist Aria Chablis King come to life in her debut album, Fueled by Purple Chapter 1 – Not Too Young to Find Myself.
This instrumental frolic includes 9 exclusive songs written and performed by Miss King between the ages of 7 and 10 years old.
Released when she was merely 11 years old, it represents the spirit that lies within a unique child. A gift given to her at birth.
With no training or particular influence, she began writing and performing these vivid songs.
This instrumental album was recorded and produced by Nathanial D. King; The Producer Known as Vertigo.
He was sure to not record with click tracks or with any timing devices of any kind ensuring that what you hear is as close to a live performance as could be achieved.

Order a physical, cellophane wrapped CD today and discover the amazing music and the playful artwork that lies hidden inside the case.
Signed copies are also available. (See other product listing.)

You will be amazed. You may be forever changed.

Now you can own the following titles, including a beautiful tribute of “My Immortal”; originally released by Evanescence.

1 Kcir Sinarom
2 Fueled by Purple
3 Fountains of Mad Mad Color
4 Someday Paris
5 Dance of the Crooked Fairy
6 Scare-O-Sel
7 My Immortal (Evanescence Tribute)
8 Death of a Carnival Ride
9 Not Too Young to Find Myself
10 New World Lullaby

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