Welcome Agent

New Agent,
Welcome to the Fueled by Purple Records Private Intergalactic Task Force!

A private communication will be sent to the email that you used to sign up.
Be sure to go there right now to validate your email.

You will now receive exclusive materials from Fueled by Purple Records,
Occasionally, we may even share social media post materials, music and videos before the general public sees and hears them.
And you will surely see some behind the scenes and special materials that the general public is not initially privileged to.

And don’t forget that you will be given special missions that you must complete.
That is the duty of a Fueled by Purple Records Private Intergalactic Task Force Agent.
That is how we are able to do special things for you and your fellow agents.
And of course this is how, together, we will bring forth the glorious Purple Reign!

Now let’s make this official.
Raise an appendage of your choice and read aloud the following Code of Conduct:

1) “I am an honored Agent of the FBPR-PITF; the Fueled by Purple Records Private Intergalactic Task Force.

2) I will not release private communications or materials to the public,
upon threat of being visited by a shadow Agent in my sleep,
They are for my eyes only.

3) All colors deserve to live: but purple deserves to live the most.

4) I now have a new mission and a life that I can be proud of.

5) I shall work tirelessly to Bring Forth the Purple Reign!

*Fueled by Purple Records reserves the right to introduce, remove or otherwise change articles within this Code of Conduct. And all articles which have been excluded, shall be deemed included.


Now check your email to receive your first official mission.

Welcome aboard Agent,
Nathanial D. King / The Producer Known as Vertigo
Record Exec. and Senior Executive Officer of Fueled by Purple Records, Publishing and Talent Management