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“Closer Look”
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And so it goes that the radio signals emanating from the Fueled by Purple Records headquarter’s giant antenna array did not go completely unnoticed by the powers that be on planet Earth.
As per usual in situations of great mystery and human confusion, a large and expensive dark budget mission to investigate the source of the signals and it’s bizarre messaging was secretly voted on and approved by congress in an after-hours closed-door session and promptly hidden from public view.
Augmentation of technology and extra funding was provided by a partnership with interested private corporations who long ago decided that leaving government agencies to govern alone was just too old fashioned.
Due to the complacence of a citizenry too distracted and blinded by the demands of video games, social media, pornography, music and comic book pages, these same corporations, with the assistance of a complacent media, managed to exalt themselves within the tower of public policy making. They now shared in the position of being the new overlords of society; equally powerful, if not more so than the governments themselves. Private corporations and media conglomerates controlled the narratives and manufactured the public’s “reality”, telling people on a daily basis what to think and how to feel. Most people didn’t even notice.
Oh well. Quaint ideas like liberty and honesty are so blasé anyway.
The mid Atlantic oceanic launch destined for the moon was not broadcasted or announced. The media was instructed that if any sightings were reported by unsuspecting onlookers, they should just report that a U.F.O. had been spotted that displayed characteristics not consistent with any technology that we own. And that it represents a threat to National security that the government is investigating.
Maybe it was the fact that this was our mystery pilot’s first lunar trip, or maybe it was the effects of the dreamy feeling of floating in the darkness of space as the glowing moon grows larger upon approach. Or maybe it was just the allure of seeing something that was not supposed to be there. But when our pilot approached the glorious Fueled by Purple Records amethyst headquarters, he could not stop himself from swooping in for a closer look. Did he even hear the stand down order from ground control or was he so enamored and mesmerized by the sight of the radiating purple tower that his mind blocked out the life saving command coming from the little voice in his headset? We will never know.
Moments after seeing the most amazing sight that his eyes were ever destined to see……………………………………………… he was no more.
So, what is the lesson that we have learned here today, kiddies?
Is it that Grey Hawk should take it more seriously when Golden Eagle gives a direct order?
Is it that the unholy allegiance between government and private interests are potentially dangerous?
Is it that one should never be seduced into following the siren’s call?
Or maybe it’s remembering the old adage; “Curiosity killed the cat”?
No. The lesson is obvious. If you are going to have your music empire’s headquarters stationed in a giant purple amethyst crystal located on the dark side of the moon, then be sure it’s housed in a community that protects itself with an impenetrable electronic force field.
But we’re sure that you already knew that.
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